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We caught up with Sara, who is currently attending our Farrell's Elk River, Minnesota location.

Here's her story (so far):

Sara during Farrell's 10 week challengeI'm new to the area and have been a yo-yo dieter/fitness enthusiast over the last five years and haven't found something sustainable that works for me. I used to be a health and fitness coach for a popular MLM company but I needed PEOPLE in my face keeping me accountable, not just via the internet.

I've done yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, barre, running, you name it, I've probably tried it! One thing I've never tried is kickboxing, mostly because it intimidated me.

I was researching gyms in the area that have the group setting that focuses on nutrition, high-intensity workouts and strength training and Farrell's peaked my interest.

I'm also a new dog mom so I had to find something close-by that would fit in my crazy schedule! I like to do my research before diving into any program or challenge and I knew I had to enroll for the 10-week challenge after seeing peoples results and the energy driven behind it all.

I'm halfway through and I've seen incredible results that really keep me motivated! Inches lost, weight and body fat gone, I'm stronger, my cravings are gone, I can fit into my old clothes again and I feel GREAT!

I've already enrolled to be a FIT member so I can continue my journey of health and happiness. I believe so strongly in supporting and encouraging each other in any workout setting and Farrell's gives me just that! You walk in and there's no judgement, no pressure or bad moods on the mat. Everyone is on their own journey but it's fun doing it together!

You can follow Sara on her Farrell's fitness journey here on Instagram!

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